Facebook: no to electoral fact checking

Facebook: no to electoral fact checking

Nick Clegg, Vice President of the division Global Affairs and Communications of Facebook as well as former deputy minister of the British government, he recently exposed what will be the position of the Menlo Park group with regard to electoral advertisements. Statements that probably will not be received with enthusiasm by those who hoped for greater control of the sponsored content by the social network.

According to what Clegg said, it should not be his company's job to establish what is right and what is wrong, as well as to distinguish between what is true from what is not, which is why no activity will be performed. fact checking against advertising published in the name and in support of candidate politicians.

Checking how much the factions are sharing would mean participating in the electoral debate, something that Mark Zuckerberg and his partners would like to avoid. Moreover, they are always the manager's words, during the last 3 years the Blue Site has already made all the efforts necessary to fight as much as possible the phenomena of fake news, Deep Fake and hate speech.

In the opinion of Clegg Facebook would have learned the hard lesson deriving from the experience of the 2016 US presidential campaign, when the platform was practically invaded by electoral contents published by Russia and the possible interference of Moscow on the mechanisms that guide American public opinion became well more than a suspect.

Anyone wishing to request the removal of a particular announcement or content should therefore not turn to Menlo Park but to the competent authorities, the reasons of all the subjects involved can be exhibited at the legal venue. Clearly the same level of indulgence will not be granted for all those shares that violate the service policies.

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