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Facebook officializes News

Facebook News, Menlo Park's platform dedicated to quality journalism, will begin publishing in the United States. The confirmation would come from the same Californian company in support of the statements recently released by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his last audition before the US Congress.

For the launch of the platform a strategy based on the utmost caution would have been conceived, which is why the experimental phase will only concern some cities and then reach further locations once the problems reported by the testers have been corrected. The intent is to demonstrate that even a social network has the capacity to support democratic processes.

The selection of news will take place on the basis of 3 different parameters: the decisions of a team of experts in the publishing sector, user preferences and the choices of a specially trained Machine Learning algorithm. The contents will be customized based on the characteristics of the recipient who will in any case have the possibility of silencing the sources far from their own interests.

Facebook News is also proposed as an aggregator of subscriptions, whoever had already activated a subscription to a head available through the service will be able to access it directly from the Menlo Park application, without any limitation. Unless particularly serious criticalities should be passed to the general availability phase (in the USA) within the next year.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami and Atlanta should be among the first cities involved. All editors using techniques will be excluded from the project clickbait to attract traffic, which refuses to fact checking charged to the news published or acting in violation of the platform's policies.

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