Facebook: profits and turnover grow more than expected

Facebook: profits and turnover grow more than expected

The last quarterly cash balance of Facebook describes a substantially healthy company with excellent results both in terms of turnover and profits. In the fourth quarter, revenues amounted to 17.65 billion dollars thanks to a 29% growth compared to the same period last year, 6.1 billion dollars in profits.

To what has been said there is a sustained increase in participation in the social network with 2.45 billion active users on a monthly basis, in percentage terms this item would have registered growth of 8%. Then there are about 1.62 billion users who daily visit one of the group's platforms to choose from Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram and the aforementioned Website in Blue.

Good news also from the stock market: the shares of Mark Zuckerberg and shareholders would have produced a net profit of 2.12 dollars against the 1.91 expected by the analysts, this would have led to a further growth of more than 2.4% in the negotiations that took place immediately after the presentation of the quarterly report July / September 2019.

The vast majority of Facebook's revenue comes from the advertising market, a sector where the company has long been the second dominant global player after Google. But what is Menlo Park's position with regard to election advertising? The group will decide to ban it as already done in the past few days by Twitter?

To date it would seem no, Zuckerberg himself would have argued that banning advertising of a political nature would be tantamount to stifling the democratic debate, Facebook could not then be accused of speaking in the name of its own economic interests because in anticipation of the type of announcements this should only weigh half a point on the total revenue expected in 2020.

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