Facebook sues NSO for WhatsApp spyware

Facebook sues NSO for WhatsApp spyware

The Menlo Park lawyers would have filed a claim against the Israeli company NSO in the San Francisco district court. For the moment no details would be available regarding the figure, but among the requests sent to the judge there would also be that of prohibiting access to Whatsapp to the Middle Eastern company.

To reconstruct the story it is necessary to go back in time until last May, when the name of NSO began to acquire a certain notoriety even in the general press following the accusation of having used the known application for instant meggistica with the purpose of spying on government officials, politicians, journalists, activists and diplomats.

For their part, NSO spokesmen would defend their company by remembering that the cyberspionaggio and surveillance software substantially represent the company's core business, in fact it provides technologies for the fight against terrorism to law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies operating in the maximum legality.

Among the leading products of the Herzliya group there is for example Pegasus, a trojan for Android and iOS mobile operating systems that can track devices via GPS signal, intercept data traffic on the Internet or use a terminal microphone to remotely spy on the device user. Only in the case of WhatsApp the spied people would have been more than 1,400.

To make the action of Pegasus particularly effective is the fact that it is activated through a video call and does not require the recipient to reply to go into execution. NSO has been working for a long time attracting the criticism of human rights associations such as Citizen Lab, However, Facebook has enormous resources for legal expenses and this time the opponent could be more difficult than those of the past.

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