Firefox: $ 5 for news without advertising

Firefox: $ 5 for news without advertising

Firefox Ad-free Internet is a project of the Foundation Mozilla which aims to provide information content without advertising through a monthly subscription. Subscribers will have the opportunity to consult news and in-depth information for an amount equal to 4.99 dollars which will go to remunerate the publishers and editorial offices involved.

According to what was reported in recent hours by Mozilla managers, the beta phase should begin in the next few hours. A page describing all the features of the service accompanied by the motto is already available onlineSupport the sites you love, avoid the ads you hate"(supports the sites you love, avoid the ads you hate).

The formula does not provide only the possibility to read the contents without distractions and without having to resort to ad-blocker, these infact will be usable also in audio format, you can store bookmarks to be shared on all the devices used and you will receive suggestions about the more interesting articles.

Particularly interesting is the functionality that allows you to resume reading from the point where it was interrupted. The system will also make it possible to continue the consultation on a device other than the original one, for example, those who started reading a news on a smartphone will be able to retrieve the content in a laptop.

When this article is written the button for registration does not yet allow you to activate the subscription, in fact a survey is proposed through which users can express their degree of interest in the project. The service was implemented in collaboration with Scroll, platform specialized in removing advertising from content.

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