Firefox Private Network, Mozilla's free VPN

Firefox Private Network, Mozilla's free VPN

The developers of the Foundation Mozilla have made available Firefox Private Network, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) usable for free up to now not yet in the final version. The betatest release is accessible to users in the United States and the feeds will be collected from the project members Test Pilot.

The latter was created to allow users to test features intended for Firefox and other Mozilla technologies, but it was closed at the beginning of 2019 due to the limited resources that the foundation could dedicate to the initiative. It then opted for a reboot taking into account the numerous projects that this program had allowed to implement.

It is interesting to note that the Mozilla developers have never used the acronym "VPN" to describe Firefox Private Network, in fact it has been presented as an extension designed to protect privacy in navigation when you are operating in risky contexts like those where public WiFi connections are active.

To obtain this result, the proxy servers made available by Cloudflare, a company that deals with content delivery networks, Internet security services and distributed DNS services. In this regard we recall the DNS "" and "" offered by Cloudflare to offer resolvers not connected to platforms that record navigation logs.

Firefox Private Network hides the IP address of the client that uses it, preventing it from being tracked, in the same way the display of advertising based on geolocation will be prevented. In order to use the VPN, which most likely will not remain free forever, you need to have a Firefox account.

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