Giorgio Metta is the new scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology

Giorgio Metta is the new scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology

The appointment of Giorgio Metta as scientific director of the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) has been made official in the past few hours. The new manager then inherits the position he was in until a few days ago Roberto Cingolani now become CTIO (Chief Technology Innovation Officer) of the Leonardo group, its mandate will last 4 years.

Metta is 49 years old and an engineer, her name has gained notoriety even outside the research sector thanks to the project iCub which saw the realization of a humanoid robot (technically an "android") completely Open Source, both the code of its software and the hardware used are totally free and open to the contribution of other developers.

A contributor to Cingolani for over 12 years, Metta is the former scientific deputy director of IIT, the same iCub is in fact an initiative of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. Now his task will be to coordinate a large team of researchers and a foundation founded in 2003 to introduce competition also in the world of universities and research.

IIT uses the work of as many as 1,700 employees, 42% of whom are women. One of the strengths of the Institute is certainly the young average age of researchers that does not exceed 35 years, to which is added an environment favorable to the sharing of experiences thanks to the presence of collaborators who come from 60 different countries.

Currently 49% of the researchers employed at the IIT come from foreign countries, while 14% of the latter is made up of Italians first operating abroad who have returned to the Peninsula. Genoa is home to the scientific headquarters of the organization, while the administrative headquarters are located in the capital and it is headed by 11 research centers distributed in the rest of the national territory.

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