Gmail: new features for businesses

Gmail: new features for businesses

The developers of Gmail, the Mountain View service for the management of electronic mail, have implemented support for the functionality "out-of-office", an option that allows you to manage the reception of emails in the hours or days when you are not available. Clearly this is a feature designed specifically for the business segment.

On a practical level, the system requires a user to define the period in which he / she will not be "disturbed". Once this is done, the sender will have to enter the recipient's e-mail address to receive a message indicating the return date. Saving time and work will therefore also be guaranteed to those preparing to write a communication.

Clearly the "out-of-office" will not prevent you from sending a message to anyone who wishes to send it immediately, you will simply be informed that the answer will most likely not arrive before the indicated day. A similar feature was integrated some time before by Microsoft on the competitor OutLook.

As for the general availability phase, the roll out should be completed over the next 2 weeks. It is also interesting to note that the same feature was also developed on Hangouts Chat and as in both cases it will be available only for those who use the professional suite GSuite.

As for the users of the free Gmail version there will always be the possibility to use the autoresponder, an option that allows you to define an automatic response to be sent to the recipients when you are contacted in moments of distance from their commitments or , more simply, from one's correspondence.

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