Google: 4,000 developers per Stadia

Google: 4,000 developers per Stadia

Stadia is a Mountain View project for the provision of streaming video games in the Cloud, users will be able to take advantage of the platform without having to purchase any videogame console. The chosen business model is basically a cross between that of an on-demand broadcaster like Netflix and market places for applications.

Precisely because of these characteristics the success of the initiative is strongly linked to the ability to create an ecosystem as much as possible participated by third-party developers, but from this point of view the first results recorded would be encouraging with more than 4 thousand developers who would already decided to join as a partner.

The enthusiastic response from the coder community was confirmed by Sam Corcoran, Stadia's Technical Account Manager, during the conference Develop: Brighton 2019. However, it is useful to point out that entry into the project is not granted to anyone and are provided for particularly strict selection criteria.

The applications for participation are in fact examined by a special jury composed of producers, designers, artists, animators, professional marketing operators and financial analysts. The mode chosen is that of pitch, where the developers describe the specifications of the proposed title and only those that meet the expected requirements are accepted.

For more information on this you can visit the appropriate section of the Stadia website. Please note that to complete the registration form it is necessary to have a corporate e-mail address, curiously, e-mail addresses referring to third-party companies such as Google's Gmail itself are not allowed.

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