Google acquires FitBit for 2.1 billion dollars

Google acquires FitBit for 2.1 billion dollars

Alphabet, the financial conglomerate to which it belongs Google, has recently confirmed the acquisition of FitBit, a company specialized in the production of devices and services with functionality for tracking activities. The transfer of ownership would have cost 2.1 billion dollars in Mountain View and should be completed by 2020.

FitBit is particularly known for its highly innovative solutions dedicated to fitness, but recently the leaders of the group had planned a partial reconversion of the business model as hardware sales would prove to be less efficient than expected. However, the idea of ​​focusing more strongly on technologies implies a considerable investment commitment.

Where to find the necessary capital? At this point the answer to this question should have been offered by Google, the same CEO and co-founder of FitBit James Park would have commented on the entry into the big family of Big G underlining how the latter is able to provide the necessary resources to finance group research on services.

For their part, Google's top management would remember the pioneering role played by FitBit in the sector of Wearable Technologies, highlighting that the algorithms already developed by Mountain View for Artificial Intelligence will allow us to improve the offer of the new subsidiary in a shorter time and with more relevant results than those that the group could have achieved by itself.

FitBit should make an important contribution to the implementation of Wear OS, the operating system for wearable devices derived from Android, will simultaneously provide Google with a platform that has among its advantages that of having been optimized upstream for the protection of privacy and the security of confidential data provided by users.

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