Google: better positioning for original content

Google: better positioning for original content

Mountain View Vice President Richard Gingras has recently announced that in the near future Google's algorithm for positioning news will tend to focus more and more on original content, bloggers and journalists will therefore be asked to better care for the quality of their articles and of shared information.

The checks that will determine the ranking of the news will be performed either automatically, through the use of machine learning technologies and neural networks, or manually. For this purpose Big G has decided to set up a team of 10 thousand experts who will act in parallel with the Artificial Intelligences.

Gingras wanted to point out that the current system focused on the separation between news and other content will soon be outdated, the news will therefore become part of the vast Google Search network so that users can more easily find all the information they want during the activities Internet search.

A better selection will lead to a better user experience, every minute the Web collects millions of hours of reading and viewing between articles, videos and Tweets, for users it becomes increasingly difficult to manage this amount of information and it is therefore necessary that the algorithm of Google is able to bring the most accurate content to light.

To date, 95% of news published on the Net are found thanks to search engines (therefore in practice through Google) and the shares made through social networks, failure to comply with the new Mountain View guidelines could therefore lead to a substantial exclusion from a market that is already very competitive.

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