Google is the most influential brand in Italy, Apple loses positions

Google is the most influential brand in Italy, Apple loses positions

The 2019 MIB (Most Influential Brands) of Ipsos sees the brand Google in first place. This is the opinion of most of the participants in a study that involved over 4,500 Italians called upon to judge brands based on 5 different parameters: reliability, engagement, innovation, social commitment and presence.

Several interesting observations can be made by scrolling through the rankings, starting with the fact that in the first 10 positions there is only one company on the Peninsula. Mountain View instead steals the gold medal ad Amazon who had won first place last year, the last step of the podium for Whatsapp stable compared to 2018.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, the fourth position is occupied by PayPal, a company whose brand prudently away from the media clamor would seem to have established itself above all for the seriousness demonstrated over the years. Fifth place for Microsoft that surpasses one of the most important subsidiaries of Big G, YouTube, and the South Korean giant Samsung.

The result obtained by Facebook, whose brand is only eighth, is surprising in its own way. The platform thus records a collapse equal to 3 positions compared to the previous survey period. In this case, the involvement of Mark Zuckerberg and partners in the Cambridge Analytica scandal would have weighed heavily.

Also noteworthy is the drastic decline in Apple today only sixteenth (it was sixth in 2018) which sees its brand exceeded in terms of influence from Ebay (fourteenth place) and Wikipedia (fifteenth). To the detriment of the House of Cupertino there would be above all a lesser ability to drive innovation, precisely what had been the strength for the growth of the company.

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