Google negotiates the acquisition of Firework

Google negotiates the acquisition of Firework

Mountain View would be in negotiations for the acquisition of firework, an application for mobile devices that allows short videos to be published. Such concern would have spread the suspicion that Google plan to create a social network dedicated to the very young in the emerging style TikTok.

For the moment no economic offer would have been made official, but it is likely that it could be around 100 million dollars. Becoming part of the big family of Big G could sanction the success of the California-born project (the Firework software house is based in Redwood City), but there would also be other companies willing to take control of it.

According to the rumors currently circulating, among the latter there could also be Weibo (or in full "Sina Weibo"), a platform for microblogging that, while also presenting features similar to those of Facebook, represents the oriental response to Twitter. Currently around 30% of Chinese Internet users would have activated an account on Weibo.

The negotiations between the group led by Sundar Pichai and Firework would already be followed with particular attention by financial analysts, not a few experts in the field would have feared the hypothesis that Google could be about to make its most important acquisition since the time of that in 2006 he had seen YouTube switch between its ranks.

Born from an initiative of some former Snap executives (the company that owns the Snapchat instant messaging application), Firework could therefore become part of the streaming giant in the future. It is no coincidence that some YouTube managers were also involved in the negotiations, due to their competence in the sector.

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