Google: .new domain names for everyone

Google: .new domain names for everyone

Domain names .new were conceived within an interesting project of Mountain View that allows to associate the typing of an address in the URL bar with a specific action: the string ""For example, you will be able to generate a new document to be processed in Google Docs,"" a presentation, ""a spreadsheet and so on.

Now Big G wanted to open to anyone the possibility of registering this type of Top-Level Domain, however, setting two conditions to be strictly respected: the domain must not be used to redirect to other websites or web pages and must lead the user to a specific action to be performed immediately.

The extension is already used by external platforms a Google, just think of Spotify which allows you to create new playlists using the string ""or other companies such as the code hoster GitHub and the online auction giant eBay that have recently decided to use this particular keyboard shortcut.

As for the recordings, the classic is expected sunrise period dedicated to registered trademarks, the latter will take effect from 2 December 2019 and will be followed by an address allocation procedure which will start in January next year. Mountain View is legally authorized to manage this process through the subsidiary Google Registry.

Instead, the general availability phase will begin in 2020 once the transition to protect the brands is completed, prices for registrations may vary depending on the provider chosen but should not be particularly high. All domains purchased will be required to comply with the service's policies within 100 days of registration.

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