Google: no more Flash websites

Google: no more Flash websites

The managers of the most used search engine on the Net have confirmed that from the end of the year the websites created in Flash will disappear from the index of Google, this means that their pages will no longer be present among the search results, becoming substantially unattainable to those who do not know the URL.

Big G's decision comes after that of Adobe, which has already decided to stop support for the Flash Palyer plugin from the end of 2020, but in fact anticipates the consequences. However, most browsers used for Internet browsing have been blocking content based on this technology for some time.

All developers who want to keep their Flash-based projects alive will have to resort to standard web solutions such as HTML5, the same Adobe has indicated in this version of the markup language the best alternative for the realization of Internet sites and Web applications based on animations.

The end of the Flash life cycle was defined by mutual agreement between the San Jose company and the major browser vendors including Mountain View, Apple and Mozilla, but the beginning of the end dates back to 2010 when Steve Jobs he openly declared that this technology was too insecure to find hospitality in the Cupertino mobile ecosystem.

To date, Web sites still based on Flash are still very few, many of which are kept online but not updated due to lack of will by their owners. It is estimated that their number, including in the count even those who use Falsh only for certain marginal functions, does not exceed 5% of the projects currently online.

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