Google Password Checkup for more secure passwords

Google Password Checkup for more secure passwords

The Mountain View developers have made available a new feature dedicated to security and named Google Password Checkup, thanks to it it will be possible to evaluate the degree of inviolability of a credential. Although this method is increasingly dated and not without alternatives, password authentication is still widespread.

Currently Password Checkup can only be used by those who have a Google Account by accessing the service available at, alternatively you can download and install an extension for Chrome. In the near future the same feature should be integrated directly into the company's web browser.

Password Checkup is an additional tool of the Password Manager (distributed in Italy as "Password Manager") already available for users of the Big G network, a tool will then be available with which to scan the stored strings and compare them with a database of violated credentials.

The mechanism works in a very simple way: if a match should be detected it could be very likely that the analyzed password has been involved in a leak, at this point caution should suggest a change in the credential with a safer alternative ( to be tested in turn).

Password Checkup will be particularly attentive to any repetitions, passwords used for multiple accounts will be considered unsafe even if not violated as they are useful for authenticating different services. Even easily understandable passwords such as those consisting of sequences of consecutive numbers will be reported as unsafe.

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