Google Play Store: promotional videos in autoplay

Google Play Store: promotional videos in autoplay

Important news for developers who make their applications available through Google Play Store: Mountain View has decided that the platform will support the automatic reproduction of promotional videos. According to the company, this new feature will make it easier for users to choose the products that best fit their needs.

The autoplay on the marketplace will be active within the current month and may already be available in the next few hours. Big G has not clarified whether the automatic reproduction will also concern audio, a characteristic that as some previous experience teach (think of the case of Facebook) could annoy many users.

In the same way, no details are available regarding the possibility of disabling this option. If this opportunity were actually offered, it would be exploited in particular by those who use mobile connections on consumption, it is known that movies are among the contents that have the greatest impact on the amount of data traffic.

For the moment we only know that the publishers involved have received the request for block the monetization of videos by November 1st. If the autoplay should be introduced in the near future the first beneficiaries of this novelty could be the videogame creator, contents that base most of their success on the graphic rendering.

It is very likely that the automatic reproduction is destined to ignite controversy, in particular due to the intrusiveness of this mode of promotion, but those who find the traditional setting based on the scrolling screenshots boring could find a more form in the autoplay practice to deepen one's knowledge of published products.

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