Google: quarterly with the plus sign

Google: quarterly with the plus sign

Alphabet, the financial conglomerate to which it belongs Google, has recently presented the results of its last quarterly report. Advertising is searching they would still be the largest sources of revenue for the company today, but Sundar Pichai and shareholders have repeatedly expressed their willingness to plan a more diversified business strategy.

According to the cold numbers communicated to the investors, in the period considered the things would have gone much better than expected by the sector analysts, the estimates of the latter spoke of a turnover of 38.20 billion while in reality it would have come to touch the 39 billion thanks to a 19% growth on an annual basis.

Good news also regarding profits, with profits of 9.18 billion dollars against 6.6 billion generated in the same quarter last year. According to what was stated by Ruth Portat, CFO of Google and Alphabet, these figures would have been the consequence of investments made in engineering talents and computational capacity of the infrastructure.

More generally the comment of the CEO who would have preferred to remember how Mountain View is today engaged in various fields, from the Cloud to technologies for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, from services based on geolocation to information platforms and advanced solutions for interaction between human beings and devices.

The communications relating to the quarterly report resulted in an almost instantaneous increase in the value of Alphabet shares, to comfort the shareholders would also be the good performance of the collateral activities (Play Store, mobile devices, Cloud based services ..) that would have produced an equal turnover to 6.2 billion dollars against the 4.4 of the second quarter 2018.

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