Google: the News section is renewed and rewards the publishers

Google: the News section is renewed and rewards the publishers

Mountain View spokesmen have announced that over the next few hours the section of Google dedicated to the news will undergo significant changes, the new approach envisages to emphasize the role of the authors more and to offer a user interface more inspired by the style in use in the printed paper. For the moment, the intervention should only concern the variant of the Desktop service.

The intention is clearly to provide a more pleasant reading experience and to confer greater authority to the contents and to those who write them, on the other hand a lower number of news should be available than in the past. Also in this case the aim should be to make a more careful selection of what is published.

We are rolling out redesigned News tab in Search on desktop. The refreshed design makes publisher names more prominent and organized more clearly to help you find the news you need. Check it out ??

– Google News Initiative (@GoogleNewsInit) 11 July 2019

It is useful to underline that the work carried out would not have involved the section reachable through the URL "", the news will instead be visible by accessing the news via the menu item" News "present in the home of the search engine. The contents will be proposed in chronological order with useful information to define the coverage.

The rollout should start shortly and be completed in a couple of weeks, according to what Big G declared, the restyling would have been designed to allow greater availability of the most interesting publications. The attempt to reward the best publishers, category with which Google has often been the focus of diatribes.

Will a lower number of news and a lower space dedicated to the latter result in an increase or decrease in traffic? It is still too early to answer this question, but it is likely that the new configuration will eventually lead to the exclusion of some editorial realities that were previously reachable from the pages of the platform.

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