Half of Italians book holidays online

Half of Italians book holidays online

According to a survey carried out by Coldiretti in collaboration with Ix, about 50% of the 39 million Italians who will go on holiday in the summer of 2019 have made their reservations via the Internet. However, there would remain a certain distrust of the vehicle, linked above all to the fear that the Internet would facilitate attempts to deceive users.

Specifically, 27% of the sample would have personally booked the destination facilities, in 23% of the cases they would have been used instead of online booking platforms. In this regard, reviews others would be playing an increasingly important role in determining consumer choices.

The opinions expressed by other users would be cited among the most important selection factors together with the possibility of making price comparisons and to the availability of images related to the locations. Instead, typing in credit card numbers would be the most difficult step because it is still considered the most risky.

The relationship between Italians on holiday and the Web would not end in the booking phase alone. The use of mobile devices and social media for sharing experiences and contents is in fact an essential moment with important consequences for the Word of mouth, a form of promotion that is often highly effective and practically cost-free.

Although that of 2019 was defined by researchers as "the most online ever" there would still be resistance today, with 17% of our compatriots who still prefer to contact accommodation via telephone and 13% who would opt for intermediaries as per eg travel agencies and tour operators.

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