HP: a new CEO and (many) layoffs

HP: a new CEO and (many) layoffs

The board of HP has started a project to restructure the company that could lead to the removal of 16% of its workforce. In absolute numbers we speak of a maximum of 9 thousand units out of 55 thousand employees surveyed for the last time in the past year, but this will not only be dismissals because a part of the collaborators will be moved to other companies and would also be provided an important share of retirements.

This news comes as the group starts to record the changeover between Dion Weisler is Enrique Lores, the former will in fact leave the CEO chair in favor of the latter who is currently responsible for the divisions Imaging is Printing. Weisler's farewell would have been motivated by personal and family reasons that saw the manager unable to continue with the commitment necessary to lead the multinational.

Lores should take office by November, he will be given responsibility for a business plan that plans to make HP's business model much leaner than it is today. If everything goes as planned the reorganization could be completed by 2022 and cost up to a billion dollars.

An important investment that, according to analysts' calculations, should be offset by savings of equal magnitude on operating costs. The company's intention should be to focus its strategies more closely on printers and on the provision of services dedicated to them and strongly business-oriented.

Among the initiatives in the program there is also one that probably will not please those who wish to contain the costs for ink, the idea of ​​HP should in fact be that of increasing the prices of printers on which it is possible to install third-party cartridges parts, those cheaper than the originals that are commonly referred to as "competition".

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