Huawei: a European OS against Android

Huawei: a European OS against Android

As is now known Google has decided not to provide its services and applications pre-installed on the devices anymore Android produced by the Chinese Huawei, in this way the Mountain View giant wanted to act in compliance with the Washington directive that forbids the supply of Made in USA technologies to foreign companies listed in a specific blacklist.

To respond to the penalty, Shenzhen has already responded by presenting the operating system Harmony OS, an alternative platform to the Robottino Verde designed especially for the Asian market. But what to do for the West? The strategy could be the same: launch an operating system that frees Europe from dependence on Big G.

This was revealed by William Xu, Huawei's top executive, whose words would not, however, refer to an OS developed for the Old Continent. More properly, Xu would have said that if Europe were to create its own operating system, the Asian company would be ready to install it on the brand's devices.

Showing great optimism for the future, the top manager would later point out that the supply chain of Huawei would have been promptly redesigned after the diaspora occurred in the US. The group would have no intention of participating in the ongoing commercial war between the United States and China, so it would have already become independent of the partnerships previously active in America.

For Xu, the creation of a platform conceived within the EU would represent a fundamental step for the affirmation of the digital sovereignty repeatedly advocated by member states. This operating system combined with the potential of the network 5G by Huewei could animate millions of connected devices and objects without the need to resort to solutions from overseas.

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