Huawei: investments of 3 billion dollars in Italy

Huawei: investments of 3 billion dollars in Italy

The Chinese group Huawei would have decided to invest as much as 3 billion dollars, about 2.75 billion euros, in our country. The project was announced in the past few hours by Thomas Miao, CEO of the company for Italy, during a presentation of what will be the development plans defined in the two-year period between 2019 and 2020.

Specifically, the multinational of Shenzhen has decided to allocate 1.9 billion dollars for supplies, 1.2 billion for marketing and operations and 52 million for research and development. If everything goes as planned, you should see 3,000 new jobs created over the next 3 years.

To be precise, the new hires by Huawei should be around a thousand, while another 2 thousand would be created by the generated business. The company wanted to underline how this initiative represents an opportunity to bring the Italian market closer to the Chinese one, beyond the counter pressure coming from overseas.

In this regard Miao would have required greater transparency of the rules regarding the implementation of the infrastructure 5G in the Peninsula, especially in relation to the so-called Golder Power which grants decision-making power to supply contracts to local Authorities. It involves non-EU companies and for this reason Huawei itself.

The company is in fact convinced that the infrastructures must be considered neutral, which is why the current geographical limitations derived from the Golden Power would not be justifiable. Add to this that recently the useful period for the expression of the governmental veto on economic activities has passed in Italy from 25 to 165 days, making the national framework for investors less stable.

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