Huawei is preparing for 6G

Huawei is preparing for 6G

Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of Huawei, officially confirmed that the Chinese company is already working on the implementation of technologies for connections in 6G. This is particularly interesting news considering that even in the most advanced economies we are still far from having a network 5G structured and widespread.

A little to reassure investors, certainly worried by the war of duties between the US and China that is directly involving the Shenzhen company, and a little to clarify what the current strategies of the group are, Zhengfei specified that the focus of Huawei will remain on 5G, but this will not prevent it from earmarking significant investments also for its future evolution.

The manager then wanted to point out that for a long time the only division involved in studies for 6G will be the one dedicated to Research and Development, if everything were to go as planned, it would take at least 10 years before the next version of the network standard data can be exploited commercially.

Such a large period cannot be justified only from the point of view of technical limits. The 5G, for example, now has reason to be introduced because the market needs a more powerful solution than the 4G with which to manage Big Data, connect devices together IoT and quickly transfer data in the industrial, scientific and financial fields.

What will be the emerging, innovative and most likely disruptive sectors that will need 6G connections to succeed? To date it is not easy to make forecasts, but it would have been confirmed that after 6G we will not have a 7G, which is why the next release will not be affected by further developments but only by updates.

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