IBM acquires Red Hat for 34 billion dollars

IBM acquires Red Hat for 34 billion dollars

IBM would have completed the process necessary to acquire ownership of the Red Hat, a company that implements the eponymous distribution Linux dedicated to the enterprise segment. The offer formulated by the giant of Armonk would have been equal to 190 dollars for each ordinary share of the new subsidiary, a total of 34 billion dollars.

Red Hat's core business is focused in particular on providing solutions for companies based onOpen Hybrid Cloud, the intention of IBM should therefore be to have an infrastructure with which to compete with companies like AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in their own sector.

The choice of Red Hat would not have been accidental as the chosen strategy should be completely focused on Open Source solutions, starting from Linux as reference kernel up to the use of solutions such as kubernetes for the orchestration of containers, the distribution of applications in the production phase and the implementation of multicloud architectures.

Commenting on the acquisition, IBM managers would have emphasized how Red Hat's infrastructure will allow it to meet the needs of customers looking for collaborative tools, service differentiation technologies and flexible solutions that allow them to tackle any workload with maximum scalability.

The transfer of ownership should not lead to major changes for the current Red Hat management, Jim Whitehurst will remain at the helm of the project supported by the previously managed team and will join the IBM board by responding directly to the CEO Ginni Rometty. Also the headquarters of the group, near Raleigh (North Carolina) will remain the same.

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