IBM and AT&T: billions of dollars for the Cloud

IBM and AT&T: billions of dollars for the Cloud

In recent days, the acquisition of Red Hat by IBM, an operation costing Armonk a good 34 billion dollars that will allow it to become one of the main operators in the Cloud market. To confirm this it is possible to mention the recent partnership with the provider AT & T which, according to the spokesmen, will result in a billionaire investment in theedge computing.

Like any other sector related to Big Data, even edge computing is characterized by an important growth, it concerns the processing of data at the edge of the network, essentially where information is generated. The advantage of this approach lies in particular in the possibility of providing data already processed at the Data Centers, with a saving both in terms of storage and performance.

Thanks to the agreement between the two shares AT&T will be able to host its own applications within the IBM Cloud, this collaboration will continue for several years even if for the moment no details regarding the duration of the multi-year contract signed or the cost that the client would be available would be available. will have to face in terms of fee.

On a technical level, AT&T would have undertaken to adopt Red Hat Linux Enterprise, now become one of IBM's products, as a platform for workload management and application distribution, the clauses would also include cooperation for the use of objects connected to each other via 5G networks in the creation of an edge computing network.

As demonstrated through the impressive commitment of resources put in place for the acquisition of Red Hat, one of the most expensive mergers ever, IBM is keen to change its business model. Today, no High Tech Big Company can operate outside the Cloud market, the previous experiences of Microsoft and above all Amazon are a confirmation.

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