ICT: in Italy it is worth 31 billion euros

ICT: in Italy it is worth 31 billion euros

THE'Assintel Report 2020 realized with CFMT (Tertiary Management Training Center) and the Italian division of IDC indicates the turnover of the entire sector at 31 billion euros ICT in our country. In the immediate future we could see a containment of the growth trend, but with encouraging prospects.

In 2020 we should not generate increases of a particular scale, with a value that should settle at around 31.5 billion thanks to a growth of 0.9 percentage points, while in 2022 we should reach 32.4 billion thanks to an average increase of 1.6% annual in the period between 2018 and the following four years.

The greatest contribution to growth would have been from theInformation Technology, a market whose value would have increased by 3.8% compared to last year to reach 24.2 billion euros. On the other hand, the decline in the TLC sector (mainly represented by telephony) would have been 2.7% limiting the turnover to 6.9 billion.

Should the current trend not be interrupted, in the course of 2020, IT should reach a turnover of € 24.7 billion, justified by a percentage increase of 1.9 points. A result that should be achieved in particular thanks to the software whose market could grow by 6.3% for a value of over 7 billion.

With regard to company investments, it is expected that the sectors able to absorb the greatest expenditure will be IoT (+ 24% in 2019), AI (+ 39.1%), AR and VR (+ 160.5%) and wearable devices (+ 116.2%). Important investments are also expected in the Public Cloud (+ 26.1% in 2019) and in Big Data and Data Analytics technologies (+ 7.6%).

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