InfoCert launches Dike GoSign for online signatures

InfoCert launches Dike GoSign for online signatures

InfoCert, one of the main European Certification Authorities for the services of Certified Electronic Mail, Signature and Digital Preservation, has recently released the latest version of Dike, the digital signature application most used by Italian users. The software development cycle now loses its traditional numbering system, concluded with the 6 release, and takes the name of Dike GoSign.

The most interesting feature of this latest implementation is that it allows you to sign your documents for free even online, without the need to install a dedicated application on the desktop of your computer. The limit that previously relegated Dike to an instrument for local use is thus exceeded.

The application also allows you to share digitally signed documents also via PEC, using the Web based interface now supplied. Finally, it is possible to manage all files signed both from the Internet and from a mobile device, the latter being automatically archived so that they are always available for consultation.

Dike GoSign can be installed immediately by launching its own version of Dike which will suggest updating, once the procedure has been completed the user will be asked to open his or her web browser and you can proceed with enabling the signature that will represent the last step useful for creating a complete work environment.

Dike GoSign is compatible with all the most used operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android). Having the appropriate one Wireless Key it is possible to sign, verify, authenticate and possibly apply a time stamp on one's documents even when operating from a mobile device, both smartphones and tablets.

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