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Intel acquires Smart Edge

The semiconductor giant Intel would have acquired the ownership of Smart Edge, a company specializing in Edge Computing solutions, first controlled by Pivot Technology Solutions. The entire operation would have cost $ 27 million, an investment that all in all contained that should allow the chipmaker to compete more effectively with companies like Microsoft.

Intel's interest in Smart Edge would have been motivated in particular by the project that represents the latter's core business, a platform that allows data to be stored in devices placed between the cells of the network based on connections 5G and clients. The information becomes accessible more quickly by bypassing the latencies due to their passage from the data center.

In the opinion of several analysts, a technology of this kind, currently still in the implementation phase, should prove particularly useful for supporting services that must guarantee continuity such as streaming services. Edge Computing is basically a system Cloud based and its privileged field of application is that of processing Big Data.

The acquisition should be completed by the end of 2019. If all goes as planned, the Smart Edge workers, a total of 25, should join the division Intel Network and Custom Logic Group. The goal is to strengthen the presence of the group in the market related toIoT (Internet of Things).

The Californian company has long been planning to extend its business beyond the data center and computer sectors to the consumer segment. The acquisition of Smart Edge could prove to be an important choice in this sense, even considering that the market value of the latter was estimated as well above the amount paid by Intel: 43 million dollars.

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