Intel modems are from Apple, it's official

Intel modems are from Apple, it's official

The news related to the acquisition of the modem division of Intel from Apple has received official confirmation after some weeks characterized by insistent rumors about, the group led by Tim Cook would have formulated an offer of a billion dollars to conclude a project that in the future should make it more independent in terms of hardware components.

To confirm the agreement would have been both companies by the mouth of Bob Swa, CEO of Intel, and Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of the division Hardware Technologies of Cupertino. If the merger were to be approved by the US antitrust authorities, the entire transaction could be completed by the end of the year.

Once the transfer of a business unit is completed, Apple will incorporate over 2 thousand employees in Intel today for the production of chipsets for modems, and the Bitten Apple will also become the owner of a substantial patent portfolio created from Santa Clara regarding these technologies.

The agreement between the parties only concerns modems 5G made for the mobile ecosystem, the one currently most interesting for Apple, Intel will continue to make these components for sectors more oriented to the enterprise sector such as those linked to the IoT (Internet of Things) and at driverless car.

A new era is beginning for La Casa di Cupertino, during which the company will most likely be able to make its own chipset modems for Apple smartphones, which will allow it not to have to pay the high license fees required by suppliers such as Qualcomm and to be able to independently define a strategy to face the 5G challenge.

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