Internet Explorer, the update is urgent

Internet Explorer, the update is urgent

In the past few hours, a new vulnerability has been identified for the Web browser Internet Explorer whose danger would be so high as to push the House of Redmond to underline the urgency of an update. In this regard, the company's developers have already made the patch available for all versions of Windows that support the software.

If exploited by malicious users, the flaw could allow remote code execution by involving the scripting engine that has the task of managing the objects in the application memory. In the worst cases an attack could compromise the memory so as to allow arbitrary code execution with the aim of taking control of the host system.

On a technical level it would be possible to package a exploit based on a web page containing code that exploits the flaw. To date, the market share of Internet Explorer is considerably lower than in the past and should not exceed 8% worldwide, but we are talking about millions of terminals potentially at risk.

It should be pointed out that the effectiveness of a possible exploit could not extend beyond the context of the current user, this means that the higher the privileges available to the user, the greater the potential damage to the affected system. From this point of view, those who work together as users are more exposed Administrator.

Windows Administrator privileges allow you to install applications, permanently change or delete data, steal sensitive information and even create other users with high system access capabilities. Installing the patch released by Redmond is an option, but since IE is now a disused browser, uninstalling it and switching to an alternative application may be the best choice.

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