Italia Viva launches a petition against online anonymity

Italia Viva launches a petition against online anonymity

Italy Viva, the movement created by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi after his voluntary departure from the Democratic Party, has recently been at the center of bitter controversy due to a proposal dedicated to the fight against anonymity on the Internet. The initiative (and criticisms) would have come to life following a tweet from the deputy Luigi Marattin.

In this sharing the latter would have expressed some concerns about the possibility that the Web could end up deteriorating democratic processes. To reinforce these arguments, the parliamentarian would then cite some cases, such as the Brexit referendum of 2016, in which in his opinion the manipulation of public opinion via the Internet would have played a fundamental role in the electoral outcome.

How to solve this problem in our country? Always according to Marattin the participation to the social networks should be bound to rules similar to those already used by the editorial offices of the printed paper, where the writer is immediately identifiable and can be called to respond at any time of his responsibilities.

The finger is then pointed against the fake profiles, a phenomenon to combat which a petition was launched aimed at asking that "even social networks, by law and using third-party authorities, can be put in a position to guarantee that an account corresponds to a name and a surname of a real person, possibly traceable in case of violations of the law".

If you still think that the web should be a tool to strengthen and expand our democracies – and not to ruin them – here is a petition that may interest you. It's time to say enough.

– Luigi Marattin (@marattin) 29 October 2019

The text commenting on the petition explicitly mentions communication channels such as pages Facebook, accounts Twitter and Instagram, online services which, according to the promoters' words, not only do not have a responsible director to ask for, but often not even a clearly indicated holder.

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