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Italian e-commerce does not take off

I-Com (Institute for Competitiveness) has recently published an interesting report entitled "I do not want the moon. Digital technologies at the service of Italians"in which our country's delay in the sectors of electronic commerce and the spread of ultra-wide connectivity tools such as fiber (for example) is highlightedBroadband Index).

Curiously, over the last few years the Peninsula would have been able to equip itself with a sufficiently competitive network infrastructure, while at the same time a resistance would have been registered by local companies to adopt innovative solutions such as thee-commerce for the sale of products and services in an international context.

To this should be added a weakening of Italy not only against the average of the member states of the EU, but also of the rest of the nations of southern Europe and Eastern Europe. This not to mention a population from high demography and from poor digital literacy which currently uses online trading platforms in only 36% of cases.

Cyprus, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria would today be the only countries to develop worse performance than ours from the point of view of the spread of digital culture. This would be reflected, among other things, in a slow increase in subscriptions for high-speed connections: +4.8 between 2018 and 2019 against over 7 points in Spain and Portugal.

It is however interesting to note that Italy is not the only market to record a negative moment (or limited growth) from the point of view of digitization: Estonia and Germany would have lost both six positions in the ranking, while France would have positioned itself only in 19th place, however, at a great distance from the Belpaese, now 28th.

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