Italian SMEs: digitization is inevitable

Italian SMEs: digitization is inevitable

SWG took advantage of theEY Capri Digital Summit 2019 to present the results of a survey dedicated to the relationship between Italian companies and digital innovation. From the data collected, a framework emerges in which small and medium-sized enterprises would not hide a certain concern about the risk of losing competitiveness compared to the competition.

In essence, 94% of interviewed business owners or managers would have stated that in the near future no economic activity will be able to do without the digitization that is affecting all the sectors. If anything, the problem would be in the capacity of adapt to this change apparently more favorable to larger structured realities.

As regards the impact deriving from the digital transformation, for 42% of the sample the sectors that will be most interested in over the next decade will be those of data management and data processing, for 36% health will be strongly influenced by the revolution in progress while for another 36% will assist to a great evolution of business atomization processes.

Turning to the flip side, 70% of respondents would have stressed the strong resistance to innovation that would occur in smaller organizations, in 65% of cases with SMEs, non-profit organizations and public administrations there would even be a real fear to invest in innovation.

Curiously, the greatest resistance would come not from entrepreneurs but from managers (a problem cited by 62% of the company owners contacted). Furthermore, as confirmed by 40% of the interviewees, the digital training for employees it would seem to be considered the most effective way to remain competitive in a changing market.

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