Italy likes digital talent

Italy likes digital talent

According to the "Decoding Digital Talent" of the Boston Consulting Group, Italy would rank tenth among the nations where digital talent would be willing to relocate for business needs. Before the Peninsula, with 10% preference, the United States (40%), Germany (31%), Canada (27%) Australia (24%), UK (24%), Switzerland (15%), France would be preferred (15%), Spain (12%) and Japan (11%).

Worst is the positioning of the boot relative to the cities where the professionals would like to reside. In this case, the ranking would be led by London, with 24%, followed by New York, cited by 19% of the 27,000 respondents, while Berlin would occupy the last step of the podium with 18%. Only 28th Rome whose performance would be a little better surprise than that of Milan.

The Digital Talents involved in the survey are mostly men (68% of the surveyed sample) and 80% have a degree. Those willing to pack for better career opportunities would represent 67% of the total, in almost a third of the cases they would remain instead of resisting the possibility of emigrating.

As far as competences are concerned, the most widespread would concern the data mining (with 36%), the programming and the development for the Web (28%), the development of the App for mobile (25%), digital marketing (25%), digital design (20%), agile work (18%), robotics and automation of business processes (16%), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (14%).

With regard to the criteria that influence the choice of destination, among those considered most relevant there would be the financial stability of the company in which one operates, the balance between work and private life, training opportunities, career opportunities, the relations with colleagues, remuneration, relations with management as well as an innovative and creative professional environment.

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