Libra: is 2020 too early for launch?

Libra: is 2020 too early for launch?

After the recent voluntary expulsions of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago, too Booking Holdings, a company that reports to the and Priceline platforms, has decided to call itself out of the Libra Foundation and consequently not to participate in the launch of the digital currency strongly desired by Facebook.

This initiative would have been taken following a communication from the FSB (Financial Stability Board) to the G20 finance ministers in which the international body that monitors the global financial system would have expressed several perplexities regarding the introduction of the new cryptocurrency in the presence of a regulation still in the making of the sector.

At this point, the hypothesis that Menlo Park is almost convinced to postpone Libra's debut is getting stronger and stronger. Everything that could have gone wrong has gone badly (contrary pressures on the part of the monetary authorities, concerns of the national banks, poor participation of the partners ..) which is why the times would not seem to be ripe.

To confirm what was said there would be the recent statements by Dante Disparte, Head of Policy and Communications for the Libra Association, according to which there would be no technical limits capable of hindering the launch of Libra by 2020, the current impediments would instead be related to a regulatory framework that would not favor its diffusion.

In essence, Mark Zuckerberg and his associates would have already opted for a postponement (however not officially confirmed) which should continue until the supervisory authorities give their approval. This will have to happen both in the United States and in Europe, otherwise Libra could turn into a currency without "legal tender".

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