Libra is not there, but the first scams are coming

Libra is not there, but the first scams are coming

Libra, the cryptocurrency conceived by Facebook and managed by an association based in Switzerland consisting of 28 different companies, should not see the light before next year, provided that the monetary authorities allow its birth. Despite this, the first attempts at deception based on the name of the currency would begin on the Internet.

A recent investigation of the The Washington Post would have allowed to identify various fraudulent initiatives advertised on platforms highly frequented by users such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter as well as the same website in Blue. In several cases this content would be made more credible by using the logo of Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

These malicious actions would be linked to some specially packaged websites to carry out phishing actions. In this regard it is possible to report the domain name "Calì", practically identical to that" "which is instead the official domain of the wallet through which it will be possible to manage transactions in Libra.

Interviewed in this regard by US newspaper reporters, Menlo Park spokesmen have commented on what is happening underlining that the platform eliminates fraud attempts as soon as they are discovered, which means users will still have to pay attention to the advertisements they display.

It is probable that in the coming days Facebook will intensify the controls on the contents related to Libra and in particular on advertising in this regard, if the name of its virtual currency were to be at the center of criminal actions of relevant scope they could prejudice its reputation up to create distrust of potential users.

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