Microsoft awards Satya Nadella for business growth

Microsoft awards Satya Nadella for business growth

It's official, Satya Nadella, CEO of the House of Redmond, managed to achieve all the goals that the company had planned to achieve during the last fiscal year. For this reason, that is by virtue of the results recorded between 30 June 2018 and the following 12 months, the maximum manager of Microsoft will receive a substantial salary increase.

We are talking about a fee of almost $ 43 million, paid almost entirely in shares, which corresponds to over 66% more than what was received in the fiscal year 2017/2018. Like almost all the CEOs of the US Big Companies, Nadella also receives a not particularly high basic salary, to which, however, 6-zero bonuses are often added.

Although Nadella has been at the helm of Redmond for five years and the company's turnover has steadily grown during his tenure, the highest salary ever received by the manager dates back to 2014, when he took the place of the volcanic Steve Ballmer and received over 84 million dollars for holding the reins of the group.

Thanks to the choices of Nadella, in 5 years Microsoft has seen its capitalization almost triple, exceeding that of Apple which, in the same period of time, had managed to double it and then fell sharply. To date Redmond, Cupertino e Amazon it is the only 3 Tech Companies that have exceeded at least one thousand billion dollars at least once.

The Indian CEO must be given credit for having strongly differentiated the group's business, abandoning the old model based on the centrality of Windows to embrace in particular the sector of Cloud based services dedicated to companies and the interoperability of their technologies with those Open Source solutions (such as Linux) that in the past were considered contrary to the interests of Microsoft.

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