Microsoft bets $ 1 billion on OpenAI

Microsoft bets $ 1 billion on OpenAI

The Redmond House has decided to invest $ 1 billion on OpenAI, a project that aims to develop technologies for Artificial Intelligence that are free open and available to all. The purpose of this initiative is naturally to promote the evolution of Azure, the license plate infrastructure Microsoft now increasingly central to the company's business.

The newly formed partnership will focus in particular on the study of theAGI (Artificial General Intelligence) which is basically a new model for creating AI-based solutions. Until now the approach to the development of the latter has been extremely specific, while Satya Nadella and partners aim to master algorithms that are able to handle more tasks.

In order to clarify the difference between the AGI and the current model, Redmond's spokesmen have declared that today they are trying to create Turing or "artificial" Baches (just to refer to some of the greatest geniuses in history) , while the AGI will make it possible to train and manage AI that are as multidisciplinary as possible.

By connecting different kinds of knowledge it will be possible to solve a greater number of problems in a much faster time than the current ones. Artificial Intelligence will thus become increasingly "natural" and can be used with various benefits in areas such as personalized training and healthcare.

Following the agreement, and the substantial financing, the researchers of Open Ai will have to migrate all their services on Azure, exploiting their impressive data processing capacity. In return, Microsoft will become a privileged partner of OpenAI for all the new technologies that will be marketed thanks to the ongoing collaboration.

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