Microsoft: Edge is also for companies

Microsoft: Edge is also for companies

THE'Inspire 2019, conference dedicated to the commercial partners of the House of Redmond, was an opportunity to present the functionality of the Web browser Edge dedicated to the enterprise sector. This is of course the new version based on the project Chromium from which the rendering engine borrows by abandoning the previous EdgeHTML.

Among the fundamental innovations for companies we find first of all the already announced support to the IE Mode. Thanks to it you can open an Internet Explorer tab without having to leave Edge, a particularly useful tool for all those companies that still have to work today with applications designed for the historic browser of Microsoft.

The IE Mode has therefore been integrated for questions concerning backward compatibility, older Web based projects have in fact been developed on the basis of standards that are no longer current and in most cases at a time when the software most used in the world for the Internet browsing was Internet Explorer and not Google Chorme.

Also noteworthy is the support for theMDM (Mobile Device Management), the management of group policies and the possibility of using the main distribution tools accessible through MacOS. There will also be all the features of Chromium for security and the ability to manage access through AAD (Azure Active Directory).

The decision to focus on the Mountain View project to update Edge is further evidence of how Satya Nadella and his partners are focusing on interoperability with Open Source projects, pursuing the strategy based on the ownership of the software, which had contributed to the collapse of Internet Explorer , would prove to be counterproductive for Edge.

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