Microsoft is still growing thanks to the Cloud

Microsoft is still growing thanks to the Cloud

The results recorded in the last quarterly report of the House of Redmond photograph an impressive growth of the business occurred in particular thanks to Azure, the license plate infrastructure Microsoft. According to the numbers the total turnover would have been equal to slightly less than 34 billion dollars with profits of 13.2 billion (almost 50% more on an annual basis).

The Cloud division alone would have allowed us to remove bills for 11.4 billion dollars in the period under consideration, currently Satya Nadella and members would rank second among the major cloud providers with a market share of 14.6 percentage points, less than AWS (Amazon Web Services) with 32.8%, but more than Google (9.9%).

The figures presented to the investors would then reward the strategy chosen by the CEO who at the time had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčabandoning a business model almost completely focused on proprietary software (Windows, Ms Office ..) in favor of services more oriented to the enterprise ecosystem and interoperability with Open Source solutions.

The successes of Azure, however, would not have obscured the other sectors in which Microsoft is committed, in this regard it would be enough to cite the increase in favor of Windows 10 sales and Office commercial licenses. On the other hand, there would have been a decline in Xbox sales that could recover in the future thanks to the launch of xCloud, a rival Google Stadia platform.

The Wall Street stock exchange would have welcomed the Redmond cash register with great enthusiasm, especially considering the fact that the results would have gone well beyond the forecasts of the analysts, so much so that capitalization would have exceeded one trillion dollars with Apple's peace of mind that has not reached this threshold for some time.

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