Microsoft: secure firmware with Secured-core PC

Microsoft: secure firmware with Secured-core PC

Secured core PC is the name of a new security layer created by the developers of Microsoft to deal with attacks aimed at firmware, malicious actions of this type are in fact multiplying (just think of the case of malware)Strontium"of Russian origin) and traditional anti-violation systems would not have proved sufficiently effective.

To make this type of attacks particularly insidious is the fact that they hit an area that is activated before the system starts, this means that at the time of booting a series of processes could be unintentionally enabled without the user suspecting that the own client has been the victim of a malware.

Secured-core PC acts precisely in this phase, ie it carries out targeted checks to detect any anomalous firmware behavior. Monitoring takes place in particular at the expense of the codes loaded, in the event that an unexpected execution is detected it will be blocked in order to isolate it from the other processes in progress.

The company led by Satya Nadella has naturally not worked alone to implement this new solution, among the companies that have collaborated in its realization there are important chipmakers like AMD, Intel and Qualcomm and manufacturers that operate all over the world like Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo and Panasonic.

Secured-core PC was designed for high-end terminals, generally intended for use in the enterprise environment where security requirements are even more pressing and more frequent sophisticated attacks. Specifically, these are workstations equipped with Windows 10 Pro and equipped with high-cost hardware and software.

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