Microsoft: the future is in edge computing

Microsoft: the future is in edge computing

Satya Nadella, CEO of the House of Redmond, recently spoke during the Microsoft Government Leaders Summit of Washington to communicate its point of view regarding the future of the company. In his opinion the inventions will have to concentrate mainly on theedge computing, what the same manager defines the "Computer of the World".

According to Nadella, the data management dynamic will be increasingly based on the production and processing of information locally with subsequent transfer to the Data Center servers, in this way it will be possible to operate using Artificial Intelligence algorithms on resources already optimized for implementation of business processes.

The managing director of Microsoft wanted to emphasize that his forecasts would not be based on simple hypotheses, the numbers already produced by the IoT (Internet of Things) confirm the importance of the Edge Computing and the Cloud Based approach to the management of small data (collected in the margins of the network) for their conversion into Big Data.

Currently, approximately 900 million connected objects equipped with Windows 10 would have already been distributed, to these should be added about 2 billion smartphones managed by various operating systems. It is also estimated that within the next decade connected devices installed around the world should not be less than 50 billion.

This revolution, already in progress, characterized by constantly operating sensors that generate and generate a continuous flow of data to be analyzed, will undergo a further change once a sufficiently widespread 5G infrastructure is available. At that point the age of edge computing will enter its full maturity.

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