Microsoft with Huawei against Trump

Microsoft with Huawei against Trump

Recently interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek, the President and Chief Legal Officer of Redmond Brad Smith would have defined the policy of Donald Trump against the Chinese Huawei. It should be remembered that in an Asian group it was included in a blacklist in which the companies to which US companies cannot supply technologies are listed.

In Smith's opinion, the decisions of the White House tenant regarding international trade policies would have been taken without a solid legal basis and would find no support even in the facts. In this regard the same Microsoft would have sent numerous requests for clarification to the US regulators receiving only evasive answers.

Still according to the manager's opinion, in the medium-long term, preventing the sale of some products to subjects from other markets could determine the end of several American companies that are flourishing today, with consequences also on employment. In this regard, suffice it to say that Windows 10 is the operating system chosen by Huawei for its laptop computers.

Smith recalled that recently Satya Nadella, CEO of the company founded by Bill Gates, hosted a meeting between the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. To date, in the middle of the war of duties, organizing a meeting of the same type would certainly be much more difficult.

Microsoft, whose core business is increasingly focused on services for the enterprise sector, would be particularly worried by the fact that several of its technologies (such as those related to quantum computers and AI) may not find sufficient commercial outlets due to the Washington's obstinacy.

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