Microsoft: Yammer and Microsoft 365 for business communication

Microsoft: Yammer and Microsoft 365 for business communication

When in June 2016 Microsoft purchase LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars, various analysts wondered what the future would be Yammer. Created in 2008 and passed under the control of the House of Redmond during 2012 for just over a billion dollars, the latter is also a professional social network.

Unlike the more pessimistic forecasts, the Yammer project did not die, Satya Nadella and partners decided to turn it into a tool for communication within the company. No wonder then that during the conference Ignite 2019 the complete integration between the e platform has been announced Microsoft 365.

If implemented as a traditional collaborative resource sharing tool, Yammer could have overlapped another enterprise solution like Teams, but the US company has decided not to sacrifice its social networking nature, transforming it into a space for dialogue between colleagues and between managers and employees.

The new features of Yammer include interoperability with other communication applications such as the Web based electronic post service Outlook, the Content Management System SharePoint and the same Teams, of which it completes the support to the chats (with the possibility of organizing events) and the videoconferences, mutandane at the same time the features for the content sharing.

The umpteenth evolution of Yammer is also the fruit of the experience gained by Microsoft in the field of Artificial Intelligences thanks to Project Cortex, a system based on Machine Learning will in fact make it possible to select and highlight the most relevant topics, helping companies to concentrate communications on the most relevant aspects from the point of view of productivity.

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