MiSE: report on Italian startups

MiSE: report on Italian startups

The new edition of the quarterly monitoring report dedicated to the demographic trends and economic performance of the companies is available innovative startups in our country, the document, which contains data updated as of September 30, was drafted thanks to the collaboration between the DG for Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development (Ministry of Economic Development) and InfoCamere, with the support of Unioncamere.

According to the recorded data, the startups registered with the national Chambers of Commerce would have settled above 10 thousand units substantially maintaining the quota detected during the previous observation period. Precisely, as of September 30, 2019, there were 10,610, 2.9% of all newly formed joint-stock companies.

More than a quarter of all Italian startups (26%) are hosted in Lombardy, the province of Milan alone accounts for 18.4% of the total number of companies surveyed with 1,955 startups. As far as the remaining regions are concerned, only Lazio exceeds one thousand units (1,155), but the highest density is boasted by Trentino where almost 5% of all the companies established in the last five years are a startup.

As for turnover, it is estimated that the average value of production is just under 190 thousand euros. In this case we do not talk about very high figures, but generally higher turnover show the abandonment of the startup status (traditionally a young company) for that of a consolidated company.

With regard to the impact on employment, local startups employ a total of more than 60 thousand collaborators, no less than 48,000 of which are shareholders in the company in which they work. One fifth of the enterprises was founded by under 35, while the female presence would seem to be still marginal (13.5% against 21.9% of all the joint-stock companies)

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