MiSE: the Blockchain to defend the Made in Italy

MiSE: the Blockchain to defend the Made in Italy

A product certification mechanism based on Blockchain could prove to be a valid ally to combat the phenomenon of counterfeiting. To date the market of Made in Italy would be able to develop a turnover of 40 billion against the more than 100 billion of the so-called "italian sounding", products that seem to be Italian but are not.

These are the considerations of Luigi di Maio, Minister for Economic Development and Deputy Prime Minister chaired by Giuseppe Conte, during an event organized for the presentation of the 33rd ICE Report and the ISTAT-ICE Yearbook. Words that underline how the repression alone does not represent a sufficient disincentive to stop the fake market.

According to the representative of the pentastellati, to date the "Made in Italy" brand would represent little more than a facade label with which it is not possible to defend producers and consumers. The DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) would instead offer an opportunity to record the genuineness and reliability of a product throughout its supply chain.

In this regard, the traceability of a product thanks to the Blockchain assumes a particular importance, with its use a user in possession of a smartphone with camera can frame a code able to provide all the information relating to the steps that go from the production of raw materials at the marketing stage.

The experiments currently in progress, made possible by an investment of 45 million euros, concern 3 specific sectors: agri-food, textiles and some sectors of precision mechanics. However, the minister wanted to make it clear that it will probably take years before developing a system that involves the Made in Italy as a whole.

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