NPE Team, the Facebook team for the new Apps

NPE Team, the Facebook team for the new Apps

NPE Team, where "NPE" stands for New Product Experimentation, is the name of the new Menlo Park laboratory where the company will develop and test future applications. The idea is to create a sort of "sandbox" in which to test new projects, even extremely innovative ones, before their integration into the network of Facebook.

As specified by the spokespersons of Mark Zuckerberg's group, the NPE Team will use a new approach to development as it will operate from the outside compared to the Site in Blue. Researchers will try to imagine the Facebook community on the basis of alternative methods with respect to current trends, without being influenced by the behavior of those who are already part of it.

The advantages deriving from this strategy will be many: the developers will work without the need to respect deadlines, the implemented innovations will not have a traumatic impact on the habits of those who frequent the social network and, finally, more attention can be paid to safety aspects and respect for privacy.

The NPE will then have a fundamental task, that of identifying solutions that can attract the attention of the new generations. Although Facebook continues to grow, and now has more than 2 billion subscribers worldwide, it is clear that the platform is struggling to establish itself among users belonging to younger age groups.

For this reason, researchers will be particularly involved in the development of small projects, dedicating themselves to applications that can be tested quickly and just as quickly retired if not effective. In essence, the NPE Team will have a "license to fail" in order to be able to concentrate on solutions that might not be destined to succeed.

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