Online advertising: towards 50% of the market by 2021

Online advertising: towards 50% of the market by 2021

According to the data reported in the study "Advertising Expenditure Forecasts"of the researchers of Zenith, if the online advertising should it maintain the current growth trend by 2021 it could represent half of the entire advertising market. To favor this trend there would be above all the growth of the social media and gods video as promotion channels.

Given the remarkable performance recorded in recent years, the future increase can only be slower, so it should go from a + 17% in 2018 to a +12 in 2019 and then reach an increase of 9 percentage points by 2021. At the same time, video and social media should produce +18 and + 17% respectively on an annual basis.

These last two segments should benefit greatly from the emergence of the standard 5G for the exchange of data, in particular as regards their multimedia component. Faster connections will plausibly lead to greater fruition, with an increase in traffic even for advertising content.

Among the segments of greatest interest for the future there would also be the vocie search, but in this case the Big Companies that manage the advertising networks would still be looking for adequate solutions for monetization. Finally good news for the paid search whose growth would not seem to record moments of decline.

Most of the investments would be polarized once again Google is Facebook, now able to collect most of the turnover produced by small local companies. In contrast, Italy where the advertising market would seem to be experiencing a period of contraction, with a confidence index going from 113.8 points in January 2019 to 110.5 in April.

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