Over 30% of Italian companies invest in AI

Over 30% of Italian companies invest in AI

According to a survey by the researchers of IDC, between 2019 and 2023 the companies' investments in solutions based on Machine Learning and theArtificial intelligence should increase by 35% a year. This means that at the end of the period considered the expenditure dedicated to these particular technological innovations should be 10 times higher than in 2018.

To determine this increase should be above all an increasingly widespread recourse to the Public Cloud, a market that could register an increase in turnover of 73% by 2023. Also interesting is the figure for the Peninsula where more than 30% of the companies contacted during the research allegedly stated that they already made investments in AI.

For the moment, at the center of the companies' commercial strategies there would be above all "vertical" investments, that is expenses for AI applications specifically dedicated to the improvement of business processes. However, there is also a spread of an AI culture applied to collateral operations such as those focused on sales and marketing.

To date, various economic activities would only be beginning to face the challenge of digital transformation, especially in the Belpaese, so there would not be a certain propensity to use technological innovations in the creation of products and in the provision of services, but it would still struggle to exploit the data as a crucial element for productivity.

We are moving towards a model that sees companies grow and compete on the market no longer because of their infrastructure, but thanks to ability to process information available. From this point of view, the tools for predictive analysis with which to determine corporate strategies will become increasingly important.

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